Thursday, July 31, 2008

July - Recap

Well, July has passed me by. Vegas is gone, doubt of me not being able to succeed is partially gone, and im back in New Hampshire for the remainder of the summer. I played this morning and absolutely demolished :). In reg speeds I didnt lose a single match, even in 4men, not one (excluding flips with my partner). And in turbos I only lost 2, both in 4mans, one of which we won and one which we lost, so I decided to stop for the day, call July a month, and make this post.

So my last post was ridiculously long, so I really will try to make this one shorter:

Monthly figured:

Profit from playing: $6,737
Profit from FPP: $1,364
profit from staking: $700
Total Profit: $8,802

monthly graphs:

July-unfiltered: 720 $8.99 $107 7% $6,471

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2 mans ( > 50): 455 $3.83 $107 4% $1,743

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4mans: 255 $18.53 $112 14% $4,725

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So a few notes on things above, my 2mans is filtered for >$50 cause I played some $10s with some students of mine. My records have my sharkscope as being off by $655 (too low) for the month, which is a surprisingly decent number to end at, cause it started off being off way more than that.

Anyways, I spent wayyyyyyy too much this month, and August will be better but September will prolly be close to the same figure (close to 5k this month, expecting 3-4k for Sept. but that includes rent, flight to france, new TV, etc.) but after that I want to curb it a ton. I talked to my new (soon to be) financial advisers yesterday, and that was a pretty cool prospect, I really am looking forward to learning how to be alot better with my money and having more put away outside of poker.

Other news, Mel (gf) is coming tomorrow, so im gonna drive up to Montreal to pick her up, and then we get to relax around here and spend time with family, say goodbye to my friends, etc. before we take off Sept. 9th. Other than that, i dont have anything big planned for the month, just alot of little trips and showing her around as it's her first extended stay in the states and the first time she'll be able to visit around New Hampshire and meet more of my friends and what not.

Goals for August:

make ~5k (good goal considering im gonna try not to play too much since the GF is here all month)

make at LEAST 13k VPP (putting me at 180k for the year, so will hit 200k bonus in Sept. for a free $2,000 and then have a shot at 300k for $3,000 by the end of the year)

Spend less than $2,200 (including my plane ticket to France for Sept., this still seems like a TON given im not paying rent at my parents LOL, but we may take a like 8 day trip through Canada and some other stuff, so who knows)

anyways guys, post ran long again :), but I hope you all had a great July, and that August will treat you really well. I'll try to make at least 2 posts in august to keep up to date. Good luck guys, enjoy the upcoming month =],


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Thomas nyland said...

Yes you "absolutely destroyed" july, and i'm sure its nice to achive a new all time high sharkscope total profit after some rough times previous months.