Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rake-Crunch / Lock Poker - Launch / Promotion

Hey guys, I know a few of you know, but i'm officially announcing the launch of my new affilliate site . Site still isn't perfect, but it's to the point where we're excited to launch it and get on with giving out rewards and launching some cool promotions.

So anyways, on to the promotion details. For next month (August) we're going to be offering the following promotion on Lock Poker.

Highest Raker in August: 30" Monitor (Dell U3011 30" Monitor), or $1,000 cash.

Two Random WInners: Apple's new Ipad 2 (2) or $500 cash

[new sign ups only, all who rake over $500 in August are entered into the raffle]

Four Random Winners: One Hour of coaching with PrimordialAA (2) , One hour of coaching with Pistons87 (2) or $150 cash per hour of coaching

[anyone who rakes over $250 is entered into the raffle]

Feedback always appreciated, still a really new site, working out alot of bugs, implementing some of the features, polishing, etc., but hope you all enjoy it, and the promos to come :).

If you have any questions or need help w/anything, don't hesitate to get in touch w/me at

Monday, May 17, 2010

Blog has been moved

blog has been moved to:

Friday, March 12, 2010

Costa Rica - Day 1

So, a TON of pictures, prolly excessively slow, but this is all the stuff we did on our first day here

[People in the picture are myself, wife (Mel), sister (pregnant if you cant notice from pictures), and her fiance, who has been around our family for like 8-10 yrs, so really close w/him/them]

Walk down the beach and get some fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh tropical fruit, and omletes for breakfast :)

Play some pool after breakfast before we head out

Walk the beach for an hour after breakfast

Pass our house along the way :-p

Get back to the house and chill for a bit

Bust open a coconut for a snack/drink :-p

Some Random guys carrying compost, on our way for a horse ride

Horse riding time!

Our guide... spoke spanish only, he was the man! :) :-p

Finish off with some Costa Rican dinner and foosball :)

Tomorrow we're doing 8 hours out on a fishing boat, to catch these:

Sailfish, blue marlin, dorado, rooster fish, tuna and wahoo, some pics below:

Friday, March 5, 2010

NBC HU Championship

alright, os, it comes but once a year, my favorite event to bet on, and to sweat. So anyways, just thought it'd be fun to show who I drafted, and let everyone else sweat if they want, Here are my pools $125, $250, and $500, and who I drafted.


Dario Minieri
Brock Parker
Paul Wasicka
Jesper Hougaard
Kara Scott
Joe Hachem
Shawn Rice
William Huntress




Dario Minieri
Peter Eastgate
Leo Wolpert
Pieter De-Korver
John Paul Kelly
Joe Hachem
William Huntress
Stephen Quinn

You can follow the matches here:

and the brackets are up here:

Even tho I didnt pull him in the draft, def. will be rooting for Mercier, and a special dark horse I can't reveal yet ;p

Monday, November 30, 2009

Best Month Ever -- New Record :)

wow... pretty sick month. Alot of stuff has been going on, BOCP HU and ME were sick and I played INSANELY good, incredibly happy with how my live game has been, so couldnt ask for more there. Stuck in France due to some ridiculous laws with the puppy and the lame french government, so wife is back home in states at our new house and im here til Dec. 16th or so =/.

Anyways, online has been ridiculous, I think I set the record for most HU SNGs played in a month (obv largely due to FTP's super turbos).

Profit for the month from playing: $44,140.06
Rakeback from FTP: $7,155
Rake Race (2nd): $2,500
Rakeback from Stars: $1,081.84



Obv super sick, my best month previous to that was +35k, so a big jump, very very happy about it, even though most of it goes to taxes for the year :P.

Some graphs:

FTP Unfiltered (off some cause of 4mans, but not that much cause of FTP's chop feature, which makes it easier to even the score out):

FTP Super Turbos (Remember these are $1/game in rakeback, so adds alot):

Stars (Swings are amplified out of proportion in both directions (upwards and downwards), graph is off for sure though, had a few days SS had me -4k where I was +2k, not sure how much it's off, but it is, although I think my FTP is a bit too high as well considering my monthly profit from playing):

Anyways, not really sure on my goals for next month, just going to take it easy and see how it goes, really can't wait to get back to the states and move into the house :), so hope everything works out here, and hope your all had a great month as well, in both poker and life =].

Also, if anybody is interested, here are my figures for each day of the month, dont think it will be that useful but im sure some people wanting to move up might find a look at the daily swings interesting. Also I took off a few days so there aren't 30 of them ;p:

+3483 38 games
+$1,368.32 53 games
+$1,368.32 53 games
+1778.65 69 games
+1008.66 5 games
-227.01 47 games
+685 17 games
+380 2 games
+$61 319 games (super turbos started)
+799.66 (stopped tracking # games)
+2434 13 normal games & 10 super turbos

(bolded 3 biggest winning days, and italicized all losing days)

23 winning days, 6 losing days

biggest winning day: +10,719.99
biggest losing day: -2866

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crushing / Belgium / Pictures!


So a few updates. It's been a super super sick month so far, I started +12k in first 5-ish days, and have taken a couple days off since then and been traveling all month, and am now currently:


Really hoping the rest of the month goes even remotely this smoothly (obv). I've had one losing day so far, for -227. I'd say this month has been 70% 4-mans, 10% 2-mans, 20% super turbos. I'm up about 4k on super turbos, the majority of the rest through 4mans, and then a few k from 2mans.


Off tomorrow v early in the morning to belgium, going to hang out w/Spamz0r (Mientjeuh) and hopefully learn a bunch, grind a bunch of HU SNGs, and crush his soul in Tekken :).

Then it's offff to the BCOP and the ME and Team HU Event. I have 100% of myself for the Team HU, so it will be by FAR the biggest buyin ive ever played (about 4k) out of my own pocket, hope we shippp!!!!


few random pictures of the place I visited the other day in Switzerland (Grindelwald) and also of the new puppy we just bougth when we were in Hungary (100% english bulldog, champion Male, going to breed him w/my other female who ive posted pics of many many times =] )

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Ok, going to be brief cause i'm a bit tired (In France atm).

Started the month -11.6k , largely due to being -7k of buying action, recovered so im super happy about that, here it goes:

Graph THROUGH 23rd of Oct (when I came to Europe and my laptop didn't have HEM):

Final Stats for the month:

Profit before rakeback: $5,543
Profit from Rakeback: $3,721.10
Total Profit: $9,264.10

EV would have put me at $15,715.55 for the month, but I can't complain, def. gonna top it next month.

Exactly 1 year ago I was scammed for all my $$$ basically and then I recovered with a 35k November, I grinded a TON that month and this month i'll be in Europe traveling, so I doubt i'll be able to repeat, but my goals are:

[ ] 15k month (rakeback incl.)
[ ] Enjoy Budapest / europe w/wife
[ ] buy foosball table / TV / surround sound for house
[ ] Have everything at my house setup so I can move right when I get back
[ ] CRUSH the belgium team HU tourney w/spamz and mjw006 :)