Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A New Month

So first off im really sorry for the lack of updates, have been very unmotivated with blogging lately, but definently plan to do alot more now that stuff will be picking up this month in vegas. As some of you guys know Hokiegreg just got out here and will be living with me for July, which is super cool, and has me really motivated to have a big month. June was kind of a dissapointment, I had an 11k downswing online, lost $1700 playing table games in vegas, and another $1500-2k playing live poker (including like a $550 venetian tournament). I still ended up about 4-5k total but that includes clearing a $1500 bonus.

Goals and plans for this month are pretty big:

Crush a 10k month
Rent jet skiis on lake powell w/cwar and hokie
Helicopter into Grand Canyon and rent ATVs... also w/cwar and hokie
Road trip to San Diego, LA, and San Fran... again with them
Improve on making most of my volume quality playing
put in 10k+ hands of HU Cash (50/100NL) , small I know but it's a start

enjoy the month =]

Anyways i'll keep updating more, hopefully post some pictures of our trip and def. keep track of results and keep everybody updated. Good luck to you all, and hope you have a great July,


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