Monday, July 7, 2008

Week 1

So week 1 of having Greg here is almost finished. It's been really cool having him around, we get along well, and have been crushing the 4 mans pretty hard. The last few days we have run soooo bad it's really been sick, and greg will attest to that haha, even so we have played 105 games, are each +$2775, and around making a little over $25 / game / person, which is still super solid. Even so, our volume hasn't been even close to as high as we want it to, and we have been busy doing stuff, so to make our goals we have to step it up and start putting in 25+ games / day. I'd really love to hit 10k by the 15th or 20th of the month, take our trip to lake powell and come back and start crushing 200s.

Other stuff going on in the month, my Stakee/Student (PayPerChase) took down the 22 HU MTT and got top 16 again today which was nice, and is doing really well other than that so thats been cool. We did our first profits chop so im +$700 from that and plan on seeing another $800 from another student's profit chop sometime this month, so those are both really nice to get.


Put out an offer to pay someone to fly here + gas + hotels + pay them to drive my car back across the country for me, and got someone to do it, so it will cost me a decent amount (a little over $1,000, maybe even closer to $1200) but it would cost me $1145 to ship it and I need it for August when my gf comes out and also can transport the Ps3, TV, and all the other stuff I bought out here back with it. After August though it's getting sold and I'm off to France.

Speaking of France, cwar is like 95% coming to live out there next year, and hokie is also considering it, so it could be a really amazing year coming up, and with good poker friends around i'm sure it will lead to all of us getting alot better and hopefully making some really awsome $$$ out there, like hitting $20k / month would feel so good and open up so many opportunities in my life. I also have been reading one of Greg's Real Estate Investing books and that has got me really motivated to start doing some positive stuff with my money besides just paying down student loans and other debt and we are all considering getting into some investments together so there is alot of really exciting stuff on the horizon of the future for me with money and my future as a poker player. But for tonight we (Me, Hokie, Cwar) are off to the invite-only Pokerstars ME burlesque party, Alessio (stars name) got me 3 extra tickets so we'll probably meet up with him and Dario and see what the Star's parties have to offer :).

Anyways, I hope you guys are all having an awsome month with poker, but also enjoying it as much as I am :), Good luck at the tables, i'll give another update at the end of next week,



Guillermo Garcia said...
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knhead said...

hi primordialaa, im interested in the coach service, i use to play sit&gos hu from 20-50$, how could i contact you???

PrimordialAA said...

send me an email at and I will give you my AIM or MSN names