Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Week 2 (Week 3 mostly off)

ok, so week 2 was not really at all what I / we had hoped for, im still having a great month because of all the staking stuff, etc., but we had hoped to be up like 7k at least by now and preferably moving up to 200s about this time. Current I am up $4875 including everything, but my spending this month has been insane. I paid $700 in rent + $150-ish for utilities for last month, $1100 to ship my car back out (paid a friend to do it, his flight, gas, hotels, + some $$$ for doing it), $200 for refunding my friend's ticket who was going to come out and drive back with me, $974 for my ticket to and from france, $150 for buses and taxis getting to and from LA and LAX, and about $250 for hotel/food here in Frankfurt. All of this is not including my normal food / expenses while living in Vegas, so this is wayyyyyyyyy above any normal month for me as I normally live super-cheap compared to most, so hopefully this doesn't become a recurring theme. But the good news is i've basically paid for almost everything im going to need to, so im freerolling on profits for the rest of the month ;).

I was getting really frustrsated at the end of this past week, and greg is leaving from the 17th to the 21st, so I decided to book a last minute flight to France to visit my girlfriend. So anyways, I didn't get to post yesterday as I was traveling all day (Las Vegas -> LA -> Frankfurt Germany... where I am now, and now we (me and her) will head back to France to her place). Should be a cool / relaxing week, im really glad to be here, depite all the FPP i'll be missing from 1.5x VPP promotion ;p, it'll be good to take a break and hopefully get my mindset back to a decent spot to continue crushing for the last week of the month. I'll still put in some play time over here, maybe 2-3 hrs / day or something if I can find the time, cause I dont have enough saved for the fall yet to take too much time off entirely, but I def. won't be over-doing it while here, im here primarily to relax and ease my mind a bit.

As per the normal lately it seems lol, my SS is off a solid amount this month. It's 895 too low from a 330 4man with psimalive, and chopping 2 110s and losing both flips. Also it's off another 2400 from hokie crushinggggggg me in flips this month, to set me off by a grand total of $3295. Also this last week has really made me question moving up at the end of the month, im still really open to moving up to 200 reg 4mans, but im not sure if i'll be moving up from the 100 / 110 2mans any time soon until maybe the end of august, as I know I can crush these limits and continue to build up my BR without a TON of risk, and right now I really need to be saving and preparing for my first real full-time year in France with no school or anything else so I think it will be better to take the safe route. And yea, at the end of the month I may be mostly rolled for the 200s, but I think it's better for me personally to just hang back for maybe another month until im really showing myself more consistency than just this one month, as my last shots have always been super swingy in one way or another, and it's just not what I need right now. Anyways, i'll see how im feeling and playing when the end of the month rolls around, and keep everyone updated on how France is. Be back the 21st, so hopefully you won't see me online TOO much until then ;), good luck and stay safe,


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