Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Week 3 - Recap

so it's 4am and I traveled for close to 30 hours today and i'm pretty beat so it wont be too long of a post. As I previously posted I took the last week to go to France and visit my girlfriend and also got the chance to look up a bunch of apartments for the September move, and from what i've seen we should definently be able to get a pretty nice one for our price range which is great, since it will be my new "office". That said it brings up another depressing note cause I can already tell im gonna spend ALOT to get the place setup like I really want it (alot being like 3-5k and consisting mostly of concierging stuff lol). Luckily for me my gf has a ton of really nice furniture, so all I should be responsible for is the refridgerator, TV (which may be tax deductable ;p), and then like a nice TV stand and a desk / computer chair, along with whatever else, maybe a recliner, im not really sure yet.

So i'm really excited for the move now, it's just becoming more and more real to me, and the idea of moving completely away from home and the states in general kind of has me taking poker much more seriously, as I will have nothing to fall back on, it just makes it seem so much more real and strong to me and I think it will help me a ton with motivation. That said im back in Vegas now and TOTALLY not feeling it, im just ready to get home, so I think im gonna buy a plane ticket back for the 24th so I have a few days before I head up to Montreal to get the GF who will be in the states until we ship out to France in early September (maybe the 9th).

Anyways France was great, went out, hung out with some of her friends, traveled around a bit, and went and saw the Rheinfalls with her parents on the swiss/german border, which were pretty awsome.

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As for poker I had a really great week and couldn't feel much better about my game overall. I had a few spots where I felt like I was just unfocused and may have tilted off a few buy ins, but I was very happy with my play overall, and my ability to keep it pretty low volume (for my standards). I only played 1-2 hours / day, generally in the mornings while my gf slept cause I was on a weird sleep schedule and kept waking up at 6am euro-time, and almost all of my time was 3-4 tabling. I played a bit extra tonight when I got back, and was pretty swingy but +$415 on the day so I was happy with that. Anyways here's my SS graph for the trip: (15th - 21st)

122 games played
$12.3 average profit
$104 average stake
11% ROI
$1,500 Profit

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Played alot more turbos than I normally do (51 turbos / 71 reg speeds), and felt really good and comfortable while playing them, alot more so than I had the past few months, and 3-4 tabling them almost seems easier for me than reg speeds at the lower stack/blind ratios are really easy and straightforward for me and pretty easy for me to pick apart the majority of bad players at those stages (25/50)+. So im feeling great, and planning on getting a TON of volume for the rest of this 1.5x VPP promotion and hopefully end around 25 or 30k VPP for the month (at like 13.8k right now), which should put me in the right spot to hit my 200k VPP bonus towards the end of August assuming I dont move up (which I dont plan on). Anyways, gotta talk to some financial planners and maybe a decent CPA if I can get in touch with them tomorrow to help me plan out everything, especially getting the huge tax breaks of living abroad and also being able to write of a ton of what I buy in the next few months (hopefully specifically in the move-in to my apartment) as poker office stuff, which it will be justified in being categorized as that.

OH YEA, one more thing. I thought alot about this recently, and I guess with my good results and happy mindset have decided to set some goals for myself. Currently i'd state my TRUE net-worth at about -(negative) 45k or so... wow... so weird to think of myself having a negative net worth considering how well I am doing to most people I know my age, but im calculating my "TRUE" net-worth as (Total cash + money in poker sites) - debt, almost all of this is from my student loans, but 7.5k is from my car (which im selling), and like 4k on a CC, and some other misc. stuff. (This does not include my assets, I would add them if my car was paid off or I owned a house or something, but im not counting like my computer, TV, etc., etc. as part of my net-worth). Anyways, my goal, is to have my "TRUE" net-worth be at +50k by May 20th, 2009 (my 22nd birthday). i think this would be a HUGE accomplishment to pay down some debt, and put away / invest some money, as the money I spend doesnt factor into this. To be honest I would probably be happy at having it be at $0, but I am too much of an underachiever sometimes and there is no reason at ALL why +50k shouldnt be possible, so thats the goal im setting for myself, and im hoping I can look back on it in May and see that i've accomplished this. I also think it's really good for me to set some goals to slowly pay down my student loans and other stuff, I realize it's not a great idea to pay it down all at once cause there are much better ways to invest and use your money, but I think if starting in November or so I start just putting $1k / month to start towards all of my debt each month I should see some serious progress, and it would make me feel really good. So that's the plan,

sorry for the super-long (non-poker related) post, good luck at the tables this week of our 1.5x VPP promotion, and try not to sit with me while im tryin to pump out a bunch of tables at a time ;p,



Thomas nyland said...

I'm going to sit vs you when you 4 table and own you completely

bpmst2 said...

i know what u mean its crazy to think of being in debt when you're banking so much money, but thats student loans for ya. I think you'll see those disappear before u even realize it tho.

RoccoPa said...

Sorry for not resp today,i was busy doing many other things other than just playing =P

Anyway i'm not an animal LOL i'm just european,we got pretty different playing times.
From when your gonna be in france,ill be glad to play with you some 4man since we'r gonna probably play at the same time.