Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mid-July / Wisdom Teeth

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couldn't get the picture to show up larger without clicking on it and pretty tired, so stars are as below

198 Games
$37 average profit
$191 average stake
19% ROI
$7,227 Total Profit

if only this were the truth :(. Seriously though, the month has gone fantastically for me so far, my sharkscope is off a ton ($3,620) , mostly from $330/300 4mans with croix and some with psimalive.

so that leaves me +$3,607, and considering I really only expected / wanted to make about $5k this month, it's going great so far. However I also had expected to be mostly at 100s and some 200s, and i've played the majority of my games at the $220 turbos this month, as well as having started playing 330/300 4mans with some select players, all of which has been going fairly well. I still would probably prefer to play regular speeds, but my volume has been really low, and turbos are allowing me to get in a decent amount of games in a greatly reduced time-frame. Also I find the 220 action has been great lately, and the action fills much faster (in relation to # of regs playing) than the 200 regs do.

Tomorrow... the day im dreading ;p, all 4 of my wisdom teeth come out, so we'll see how that goes, I may not be playing for the next couple days due to it... or I could be back on while im couch-ridden tomorrow night or the day after (more likely). Just wanted to give an update, and give everyone a chance to wish me luck for getting my 4 biggest teeth ripped out of my mouth. Hope the month is treating you all well, and hope the rest of it goes well for all of us,


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