Sunday, August 31, 2008

August Recap

Alright, so ill be honest, I had a pretty great month which i'm excited about, especially preceding my move (Sept. 10th - .. end Sept. ?? =/ ). I really expected to play low volume this month, and shot for a pretty realistic goal of $5,000. However the month went on a quick upswing as I began taking some shots at 330s, and then eventually talked into 550s w/croix, knifefish, M@D, and a few others.

Anyways, I played 685 games, with only 275 of those being regular speeds, so all in all it was still a pretty low-volume month. I kept my 2 mans at 95% 220 turbos and 300 reg speeds, with occasional 200 reg speeds if action was slow or game selecting 330s. My results were as follows:

Profit from playing: $8,185
Profit from FPP: $2,193
Profit from bonuses: $2,000
total profit: $12,378

Weird thing to note, my profit from 2 mans over this period was $7,492, and normally when I play 4 mans we sit 4-6 lobbies at a time and I stop playing any games on my own to focus for both my and my partner's sake, so maybe we just ran bad at 4mans this month, but the results were definitely pretty lackluster this month (only played just over 100 of them, so a small sample). But on an upside, I cleared 200k VPP and therefore got my $2,000 bonus, which was really nice.

Anyways, I jumped up in stakes a bit earlier than I wanted to, but it's gone great so far, and I am always ready to move down if I have to so i'll see how things play out for the next 2 months. September will be worse than this month for me in terms of volume I believe, as I leave for France on September 10th, and don't move into the new apartment til the 23rd, after which we still have to get internet setup, etc. so I really just don't see me as having a ton of time to play (even though I hope i'll find some). I don't have any real goals this month except to start to get accustomed to the new culture and get settled in the new apartment.

Things to do this month:

Play the WCOOP HU event (maybe even try to surpass my semi-deep run last year (top 16))
Buy my 50" 1080p for the new apartment :)
and making anywhere from just $3,000 - $5,000 in September would make me more than break even on all my moving expenses and probably put me in an even better financial situation than i'm in now (which im really comfortable with).

Hope all of you had a good August, and I wish us all a great September,


And for all of those struggling with the variance of this career, just keep working on your mental fortitude. Remember to think about how fortunate you are compared to 99% of other people you know, your age or not, and keep in mind whats important in your life. GL & Keep working hard


Thomas nyland said...

Congrats with a borderline ridiculous great august. Happy to see that you have taken it to the next level, pretty close to the very highest level in this particular poker game.

bpmst2 said...

sic month, congrats