Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Puppies FTW

obv I couldn't let Greg show me up, so I bought her:

Totally JK about the reasoning, but an English Bulldog has been my dream dog for my entire life, me and my brother saw one when I was about 5 yrs old and both have wanted one forever. He got one 2-3 yrs ago and it's a great great Dog, so I finally pulled the trigger and got one. It cost me WAYY too much ~$3500, but i'm having a sick month and have exceeded the costs already, so im trying not to stress too much about the price and just enjoy having it. She is almost 8 weeks old and will be available Sept. 12th, and I think I will go pick her up the 14th. Gonna hafta take some sick long trains to get it (about 16-24 hrs total), which adds another $200-300ish to the price, but I think it'll do so much good for me now that im not in school and my gf will be starting full time school again on the 22nd which will leave me just around the apartment alone for the huge majority of every day.

Anyways, im really pumped about it and will post some more pictures of it once we have it and are settled into the new apartment.

WCOOP HU Event on Friday, will be super tired cause I will have just arrived in France the day before, but im really looking forward to it. GL everyone w/the rest of the month,



Raj said...

hey bud...started one of these blog things, and i linked ya to mine. if ya could do the same, i'd appreciate it. hope you are doin well.

ChicagoRy said...

Update mooooore, lets see the new place!