Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BALLER month, great move, bad decisions :( --- September recap

sigh, gonna keep this short, sorry for the lack of updates lately:

Dog -- Awsome :)

Apartment -- I promise i'll post pictures soon, I really feel like I can settled here and like the setup and neighborhood alot, so it's great :). also the dog seems to love it here compared to where we stayed the first 2 weeks and has alot better space outside, so it's worked out great


The Good: I had had a REALLY sick month, my SS was off 9164 (too low), but despite
the poor SS graph, I still passed 50k on sharkscope, which is a big accomplishment for me and I felt great about it.

All in all, FPP included I made $17,488 which i'm amazed at, but alot of it came from the past 4-5 days im prolly +7-9k or so over them, so that helped a ton.

The Bad: I only played 479 games this month, which is very very low volume and I plan on more than doubling it in october

The worst: My stars account is -2k from where I started from this month, cause im a huge idiot and loaned out like 10k to a person I dont even know that well and am waiting on a bank transfer, and I spent a ton and cashed out and stuff, and it's just been sick, it makes me sick to my stomach that i've made os much and should be almost fully rolled for the 500s and still have to consider it taking shots becuase of my bad life-management (mostly loaning $$$ :()

so yes, im putting up a huge sign, PLZ SCAM ME

Goals for October:

Play 800-1k+ games
make $15k
Don't have a DS and move up to 500s being mixed into my games for good ;)
spend more time w/the GF so she doesn't kick me out :)

anyways, too stressed about waiting to get the 10k payed back, im not in a really good mood so i'll post more later, and put up pictures of the apartment soon

edit time!!!:

1: Seriously, if your looking for a blog that isn't 100% focused on poker / results (like almost all of ours are), check our Raj (Whaassuuppp)'s blog http://whaassuuppp.blogspot.com/ , the conversation's are alot more diverse than mine and I enjoyed reading through the few posts alot already, so i'm really glad he got it up

2: Just read through this interview w/livb, I dunno why but I REALLY enjoyed reading it, I liked it alot and think the answers were well spoken and alot more than what I had expected from livb even if the questions weren't as in-depth as I might have liked them to be


enjoy both links, and GL in October

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