Friday, May 2, 2008

Moving down & Goals

I have been through this cycle multiple times in the last year to year in a half, where I move up slowly through my limits, make solid $, begin to beat the 110s and get on pace to make solid $ and consider stopping school, which I am really stressed with and dont enjoy much at the moment (one year left), and then hit the $200s / $220s and get RAPED and ... sometimes i've been stupid and gone broke, sometimes i've moved down, sometimes i've cashed out a bunch and moved down, probably happened 2-3 times and i've just gotten done another cash of it. Had a solid 6.5k upswing or so... stayed at 200/220s... and had a solid 8k downswing, and have finally (wayyyyyyyy too late, about 3-4k too late) moved down.

I mean I REALLY feel like I should be beating these games, the players are not that much different than the 110s and I am playing huge fish constantly, but just seem to run bad at the wrong times and try too hard to force winning, i.e. playing wayyy too many games (I played 411 regular speed games last week). So anyways I have dropped to the 110s/100s and am down 1.4k this month, so I am going to try to hit a 5k month from playing, which will be pretty tough to do at the 100s with my current winrate and starting downswing... but I hope it'll put me at about 6.5k or so with rakeback(FPP) included. I still really would love to stop school for a year or two and go live in France with my girlfriend, just because I really enjoy experiencing different and more than anything learning new languages (I studied Spanish for 12 years, even though I don't get to use it much anymore). But to do that I would like to make ~7.5k / month for the next 3 months (May, June, July), to feel financially capable of doing it, so wish me luck and we'll see how it goes.

New Goals:

Try to play a mix of regular/turbos

play NO HIGHER than $110/100 2-mans

only play the $200/220 4-mans if im feeling great and my partner is as well (I will still play these because the people I play 4 mans with right now are at that limit and 4-mans are greatly decreased variance)

Don't play past when your feeling optimal (stuck or winning, either way)

Set a 5 buy-in stop loss

Make $5,000 from HU SNG

Good luck in May everybody,



Thomas nyland said...

I think its a good idea to be playing 110 until you get at at least >5% ROI in that game.

BCM11 is a good example to follow, because he is one of the few that has maid it really big in this game, and he did it without ever suffering a major downswing relatively to his total profit.

Bay the way how is budapest? I'm staying in budapest in juli and august. Pretty standard with dinner every day at burgerking at nugati ter for only 1000 HUF.

HokieGreg said...

dude you are the fcking KING of run-on sentences!

ChicagoRy said...

Hey grammar nazi, die.


5 buyins stoploss? C'mon, you play like 85.9 games a day, how is that going to work?

Also Thomas,

I'd venture a guess that Bcm has suffered several 20k+ downswings in his husng career that he probably would've considered major at the time.

I think a good example of when to move up and down is very very valid with him though.