Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Trying to balance

Alright, so I have always been a super high-volume player compared to most, but I am realizing that its forcing me to be mentally unfocused, and on my B/C games even when im 100% rested, etc. , it just keeps my in a constant state of mediocrity, so i've been working really hard at putting in less volume, but QUALITY games, and it's been going fairly well. My last 4 days were like +300, +250, -500, and then today was +1400 on stars and -370 or so on FTP.

The first 3 days were me playing all 100 regs mostly, with the -500 day being the exception when I (as I said I wouldnt) took a shot at a fish in a 200 reg when I was +300 and got lucksacked, and then owned in the 110s for like an hour and a half to end me -500, but I was glad I could stop when I felt like I was getting off my game and getitng frusterated. Anyways today I was about even at the 100 regs, and then me and stivolino went 4-0 in 200s/220s 4mans and then chopped one 3 way when a friend accidentally sat for a small $66 profit. I also played some with croix which was my first day doing so, we were 1-2 in the FTP $320 4-mans and like 4-1 in the 220s on stars I think, anyways after watching more of his game I can say that I can see why his stats are as good as they are, I wont get into detail about other's games on here, but I can say I see alot that he is doing super-well and he didnt seem to lose his cool at any point, so my respect grew alot just from getting to watch him a bit more; now hopefully I can take something from it and work it into my own game and get some more mutual respect outta people ;).

Other than that life's been normal, getting stomped on finals, had one Tuesday, one tomorrow, and one next Tuesday as well as a 10 page paper and a coding project to do, so i'll be busy this weekend but still gonna try to put in some play time. I also have a really creative/new idea for coaching sessions to help students who are having trouble implementing or retaining the information OR failing to make the proper adjustment(s) vs their opponents. I'm gonna try it in my next two face-to-face sessions with my student from Budapest, as soon as he gets back from Italy, so i'll let everyone know how it goes and hopefully can share some of it here. Good luck at the tables,


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PrimordialAA said...

also I don't want to make it seem like i'm downplaying stivolino's game by not commenting on it, after playing with him for quite a while now I have the UTMOST respect for his game, every spot I would never expect him to be aggressive in, he shows perfect aggression, he always keeps me guessing even from the rail, he's a balanced, solid player I would be hard-pressed to pick anyone to have a significant edge on him in the reg speeds.