Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bound for the USA

Well, it's almost time for me to end this 9 month, 2 semester 'vacation' abroad ;p; but I guess the good news is I get to start my real vacation in Vegas, which I am unbelievably pumped for, I mentally build it up more and more for myself every day so hopefully it's that awesome. Bussto'd FTOPS $500 + 35 HU event in the second round when I made a pretty ridiculous shove on the river with 0 chance of winning the pot and also busted the stars $215 HU matches first round but I played pretty well there and the kid just ran insane. Making a decent recovery still on the month, today was pretty meh and I ended down $500-ish, but it could have been worse and I feel really great when playing for the most part lately. The exception being today when I played when I should have been studying for my final.

So that said I passed all of my classes this semester, already got the grade back from my final, so thats good news. Like I said before I started the month -1.7k and am now at -970 on SS, but my scope is off by 2686, so im actually +1716 this month, which is fine for now as we're just approaching halfway through. I mean it's obviously not great for playing $100s, but coming from a bad start, putting in less volume than im used to, etc. i'd say im OK with it. I still plan on hitting 5k from playing though, not counting FPP or the $405 I got from E-check rebates, or the $1500 bonus I cleared this month ;p. So anyways that's the update for now, 5k is the goal, 7k next month and also to move 4k over to FTP to start learning HU NL (plan to 3-4 table $100 NL). Good luck to everyone, my next post will be from the states so I hope you guys are all enjoying what your doing and having good luck at the tables,


(oh also, pretty cool cause I didnt even notice, I have only played 143 100 regs this month and I have an 11% ROI which im happy with now that i've seen it, and that's after I dumped $500 in them today. So that is a definite confidence booster and I know a ROI like that is maintained by a ton of people in regs so hopefully I can keep it up as long as I dont push the volume too much)


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that pic would be so much better if it was 1100 junior bacon cheeseburgers imo

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