Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cool night, Marginal day

Picture Blog Timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,

So my day felt pretty awful, but I guess it wasn't so bad, ended up even with a bad stretch of 0-3 in some 4mans (200/220s) that wrecked my progress I had made at 100s, but I had a good +3 BI 4 man session with DiBasio a little later to make it a bit better. So today my SS graph plummeted back downward, about -1k, but its just from losing two flips in 220 finals so my graph is really off this month, $2246 off to be exact. So anyways I started the month into May 2nd on a -1.7k downswing, i've pulled out of it and since the 3rd of May i've about $3,000 from HU SNG, cleared a $1500 bonus, and satt'd for the FTOPS #8 ($500 + 35) HU Eeent (tomorrow), so it's looking like I should be able to make my goal of at least $5,000 (playing profit preferrably), even with all the downtime im gonna have when I get back to the states and am spending time with my family and what-not.

Tonight me, my girlfriend, roomate, and some friends all went out to this pretty cool medieval restaurant. We had heard really good things and im leaving in 5 days now (Thursday) so we figured we'd go check it out. There were girls dancing to arabic music and randomly dancing on tables, women doing some pretty intense dances while swinging flaming (something) on the end of chains, a few sword fighting performances, a strong man bench pressing women over his head, and a jester who did a bunch of crazy stuff, but probably the most impressive was he balanced a glass on the THIN edge of a long knife, flipped it up in the air so the cup flipped from bottom to rim, caught it on the thin edge, and then flipped it back and caught it on the edge again, there was just a ton going on, your were constantly kept occupied.

We ordered this GIANT plate, which really as pictured here doesnt look that big... but just trust me on this, it was HUGE, there were 7 of us and it was made for 6 and we didnt even completely finish it.

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This was after we got done with it

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And this is a random picture of me making a weird face for some reason

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Anyways it was nice to get out from the house for a bit, and on Monday im gonna try to get out the Castle & Parliament (the parliament building here is pretty nuts) and that should about cover it for what I want to do. Until then, FTOPS 8 tomorrow, a 10 page paper starting... now... at 1am ;( , a coding project, and finallllyyyy gonna pass my Math Final. I'm gonna try my hardest to not put in a ton of hours... but anti-volume isn't really my deal ;). If anything exciting happens in the FTOPS tomorrow i'll give an update, good luck at the tables until next time,



bpmst2 said...

lol the restaurant sounds like the one in cable guy (medieval times i think)

Adam said...

That is an intense goatee.

I swear to god if we don't do something the week that you are here I am breaking all of the Wii games you lent me.