Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Ok, so I had plannet to make like this really niceee big end of the month post with all my stats and #s and whatever but I am super-tired and really feeling horrible right now. Anyways, my awsome upswing was destroyed by me ... well being me and putting in like 50-70 reg speed games / day, letting my game deteriorate and blowing a bunch of $, the last 3 days in a row I have been +1k and ended -1k or more... which is miserable, and have just run like complete garbage for what seems like eternity (from playing too much). Also bought a $1500 bonus and used 9k FPP or so to satt into the sunday million to make myself feel a bit better (took the T$).

Won my first round match of the 2p2 HU tournament, 3-0 so that was pretty solid, I played really non-standard and overly aggressive, 3betting a ton as my opp was a cash game player and really just played a bit too tight when defending his button opens, I also won a flip and hit a FD (it was best 3/5), but I felt like I had the pace of the match in my hands for more or less all of it.

Anyways, took my gf out to dinner the other night which was nice to get out, she works super hard with school and we dont get to do much these days with finals coming up so it was nice to get out even if it was just for a dinner. She also has some special night planned she made reservations for (tomorrow night I think), so that should be cool too since we have tomorrow til sunday off here for some hungarian holdiday.

I ordered this:

which actually doesn't look that good in the picture and I don't remember the name of it (Hungarian), but it's delicious, and the salad at the bottom of the plate is iced salad and somehow goes fantastically with the hot meat, anyways it's the second time i've had it there and it's a great dish :).

and my gf (pictured below) got her standard carbonara cause im a pretty picky eater and she never finishes her meals, so she makes sure she gets something i'll finish for her (LOL).

So the month was still OK, but I made almost nothing in HU, just like 2.5k from FPP and a bit from HU, a bit from buying action, and like 2k live or something, far from the month I thought I might have. I should have dropped back to 100s / 110s like 1-2k in my downswing ago... but im gonna hang on for another 1k as I really feel like I should be able to beat them, it's no longer within my BR to do so... but im gonna go for it as I know I should be able to beat the 100s/110s for a pretty decent clip in may if this doesnt go well. Also if it does go well it will allow me to be farrr better rolled for NL HU this summer, which I kinda need to be to learn it and get into it without messing up my HU BR, so it would be nice if I could put together a good amount of extra $$$ to do that with as I get out to vegas and cwar and whoever else helps me try to transition into playing HU NL and actually being decent at it :).

So hopefully things will turn around, my goal is still 7.5k for May, so it is definently reasonable, even though i'll be putting in a bit less time since I will only be home for 9-10 days before I head off to vegas, and i've been in Europe for almost 9 months, so i'll want to catch up with family and friends. Good luck everyone, and i'll try to make my next post a little bit more up-beat and maybe have something informative in it ;p,


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Dustin said...

Nice bolg you got going on here dude, looks like Budapest is treating you rather well. Keep up the good poker and see you soon, buddy!

- Dustin