Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Beginning of a New Age of Primo

So i'm finally pulling the trigger and making an HU SNG blog.

So i've played for a long time, like over 2 years of almost strictly HU, but hadnt ever studied, learned, been coached or found 2p2 until July of this 08. Since then I was taken under the wing of indyindiana on 2p2, worked extensively with him and cwar, branched out after a while and began coaching and continuing to study on my own, I coached bbbushu on 2p2 (waltermelon on FTP) along with some other shorter term setups and a semi-long term deal with Paranoia87 which fell out after a month or two as he found 6max to be his true love.

anyways, that's my past with HU SNG, I've played poker for over 5 years now, originating in STTs while always having some success in MTTs as well, and trying cash on and off, scoring big but never studying or improving past my own poker-sense, and then I fell in love with HU and found 2p2 and a great coach and now I am here.

Recently I have been playing 4 man's with Hokiegreg (although not so much in April) and we've had super-good results and been pretty dominant in them. I am currently playing the $110 level as an average buyin, dropping to 55s or taking shots at 220s whenever I am feeling bad or feeling good and game selecting.

so anyways I had no clue how to introduce myself to a blog, so just spewed some random info up there about myself. But now for what you can expect from me in the future. I plan on making this blog to track aspects of my life for those who are interested (im moving to vegas for 2 months this summer and just coming back from a year abroad in europe) so I may have some interesting stuff to post about, I am also staked in MTTs by Rarestake, so maybe the occasional update on that progress, but it will almost entirely be based around my progression with HU SNG, things i've noticed about the game, mental epiphanies, interesting hands, etc. So I hope you all enjoy and i'll be adding more as I can.

On a final note: I'm 20 years old (21 on May 20th), I play HU SNG, and this SS graph is where I begin this blog.

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After reflecting on the graph for a bit, I feel like I will also try to add a great deal of psychology to the graph, as I have always had a problem with discipline and tilt, I have come a longggg way in recent months, most specifically since January 2008, but it is something I am constantly thinking about ways to really neutralize the dangerous parts of my own psychology, so I will try to touch on that as situations arise. Good luck all,