Tuesday, April 22, 2008


so yesterday was a really really bad day for me poker-wise. I enjoy live and have been crushing the casino here in Budapest as the game is super weak-passive. I got done my 8am class and skipped my noon one to chill, play online, was like +500 or so feelin pretty great except im tired, head over at 2 cause that's when the game starts. So long story short, I didnt have any discipline, had TERRIBLE table position, as the only 3 competent / semi-aggressive players were all to my left, anyways I was like +$400 before ending -$1200, I bluffed my stack off into two hugee $2,000ish pots. anyways, I played one pot that is always good for a confidence booster:

(1k forint = $6.1 or so)

10 handed... 500 / 1k (Forint) Pot Limit Hold'em

Dealt to Primo in the SB: 9s 3c

UTG Straddles to 2k
UTG + 1 calls
UTG+2 -> MP3 folds
hijack raises to 7k
CO + Button fold.
Primo raises to 24k

UTG checks and checks and says something in hungarian and folds his straddle ;p
UTG+1 folds
hijack checks his cards, thinks, and calls

ok, so for some history, i've played with the hijack a couple times, he is pretty tight but knows how to attack weakness and the UTG and UTG+1 fold a TON for a 7k bet in this game, it def wasn't to induce or anything, game plays really weak-passive, but he knows me to be (fairly) aggro but doesn't adapt enough to it, and last time we played I took a 130k (forint) pot off him and everyone at the table made fun of him for it cause he called me down super-light for 3 streets of value, so I dont expect him to want to call me down too light.

anyways, Hijack (older guy): ~48k after the call
Primo: 165k

after he called I figure he is reshoving QQ-AA (maybe counter-intuitively), flats AQ/AK/QK and maybe some other weird broadway combinations, he folds any low pp, and SOMETIMES flats 88-JJ but they play so weird here, like in a previous hand, HJ and CO limp and I make it 5k OTB and he folds TT face up.

so anyways, long story short, flop comes 3 9 3 rainbow I fire 27k and he thinks and folds and I take down like a $400-ish pot

anyways now that i've written about it I guess it really isn't a spectacular hand in any way/shape/or form, but I don't play much live and felt pretty fearless at the time :).

as for HU SNG, today was super swingy, I went 6-1 playing 220/200 4mans with my partner, then 0-3, 0-3 with a different partner, and finally 3-0 at 110 4-mans with ChicagoRy. It was kind of a crazy day and I ended basically break-even, (-$30) I think, but I think I will try to stay away from the 220s entirely unless im feeling really good and am playing 4-mans with someone for the lessened variance, i'll try to focus more on some key hands i've played in HU in my next post and maybe some on the topics of limping and non-standard bet-sizing that i've been working on, until later,


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