Friday, April 25, 2008

So my past 3 day's have been pretty awsome. I moved to 110 turbos and 200 regulars, and have been crushing, most of my 4man games have been with rokdafunk (with a few with nofear), but I have been playing alot of 2 mans, and was 3-4 tabling today when the games would fill fast enough, anyways, my days went +1500, +1850, +2150 or so, and my stats and graph look like this: 124 $40 $168 22% $4,988

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anyways, so that's been really great, and put me on pace for one of my biggest months so far (about 10-12k) with this, my live play, and my FPP.

so for an update of where I stand this month it's something like this:

SNG : +$5k (yea... I had a really terrible start to the month)
Live: +$1300
buying action: +$500ish
FPP: +$1500 (88k FPP ~ $1500 through concierge)
$$ off in 4mans: +$1400
live blackjack: -$600 :(

so by far my best normal month ever, I had some crazy times in September played a TON of 220s and 550s on FTP and placing top 16 in the WCOOP HU matches and was like +24k that month, and then broke up with my gf who was back in the states, life tilted and blew like 18k in a week on cash and 550s, regardless to say I was a huge degen and should never have been playing when emotionally stressed like that, so I dont like to count September as my best month, but I still count November as my worst, so this will be my best month under normal solid BR management, and im very happy with that, my goal this year is 60k and I seem to definently be on pace, although I won't expect 10k months monthly just yet ;p

anyways I had a pretty good day today, woke up and just hung out took it easy this morning didn't think about or play poker, then I had just started to play (2-1 in the 200 regs, with my one loss to cat5cane who is really solid, but I got it in good so I was fine with it) when my girlfriend called and asked me to go have lunch, so I ended up having a 'picnic' of sorts at the Buda Castle in Budapest, which was actually really nice and relaxing and had a pretty beautiful view so it was a nice break.

Yesterday I had my first face-to-face coaching session with one of my students who I found out was from Budapest (Szamvan from 2p2 and pokerstars), anyways we just started working together and it was cool to do a session like this, I spent some time going through games we played together and where I could pick out leaks in his game from an opponents stand-point (i.e. betsizing tells, obvious incorrect-frequencies, if his ranges are super-polarized on river bets, etc.) and we reviewed only from my the standpoint of my HHs for the games (7 matches) but reviewed his actions without knowing his cards. Then I sweated him for 3 matches commenting all the way through, basically walking him through spots I think he was doing things incorrectly in, and then I had him play one where I didnt comment at all but he to walk-through his logic on all major decisions and streets verbally, and then at the end we talked about what holes we found and tried to give him some things to work on. That was basically the end of the session but he watched me play a couple of the 200 regs (he is currently playing $20 + 1 non-turbos). It was a cool experience as it was my first time working like this, and we did a session online today, but I think I will try to get a few more face-to-face sessions in with him before I leave Budapest as I really enjoy being able to watch in real time and hear him explaining or thinking it through as it plays out (as I feel alot of players aren't completely honest with themselves when they review and kind of place 'perfect-reads' on some situations saying oh yea, he did this a ton so thats why it was OK here), but when they were playing it out they didn't really have that absolute concept which made it alot more marginal, I dunno, that's just what i've seen from alot of people

but this has turned into another long post so im gonna cut it short here, and i'll be sure to give an update on how I finished the month at the end of the month, so good luck guys, I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings occasionally (also im going to ask for comments after the blog has been up and running for a little more time on what you would prefer to see, keep it as it is (a mixture of everything, make it more strategy-based, leave out my personal-life stuff, see more hands, etc.). Until later,


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