Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Live Streaming of The LittlewoodsPoker World Heads-Up Poker Championship 2009!

So it has yet to be tested, but this should work. Live streaming of the The LittlewoodsPoker World Heads-Up Poker Championship 2009! Dates and times for streams should be approx as follows:

12:00 GMT 29 Oct

16:00 GMT 29 Oct (Estimate)

12:00 GMT 30 Oct

12:00 GMT 31 Oct

18:00 GMT 31 Oct (Estimate)

[GMT is approx FOUR hours ahead of EST at the moment, it's typically 5 but cause of european daylight savings time it's only 4, so 16:00 GMT (when my match is), is noon EST, and 12:00 GMT is 8:00am EST]

Hrmmmm, it seems like the stream isn't formatting correctly in my blog, so please feel free to watch it at :)


Raj said...

best of luck! take it down bud!!!

Thomas nyland said...

Congrats with nice house. Seems to be plently of room in case of multiple reproduction. mbn.

London is just a 90 minutes, 100 dollar flight from norway. Pitty i'm too busy travle around this days.

Hopefully live HU sng tourneys will increase in popularity.

Def gonna follow the live streaming.

gl thomas.