Monday, October 19, 2009

Bought a House / 5 Weeks in Europe

yo guys, I know I said i'd be more active, and I promise i'll try, im hoping to post a ton from Europe :). So yea, about that, I haven't posted about it yet but I have a 5 week trip to europe coming up on Saturday. My stops look like this:

London 1 week, France (wive's parents) 1 week, Budapest 1 week, Amsterdam 1 week, Belgium 1 week.

In London i'll be playing the 3300 GBP (~5500 USD) Littlewood's HU Championship, 4 wins til the $, $200k GBP for first. DiBasio is also flyin out and going to play the event as well, so it'll be really cool to hang out with him again, and this time his gf will be there, so it should be a good trip. Also really looking forward to finally meeting up with Radeh and some other HU guys around.

In belgium i'll also be playing in the BCOP (Belgium Championship Of Poker), which has some sick events. The most exciting is a 2500 euro (3500-3750 USD) HU event... BUTTT, it's not a normal HU event, it's a 'team' event, in 4 person teams (10k euro per team). Our team looks like this:

Myself (PrimordialAA)
Spamz0r (Mientjeuh on FTP)
Nathan (1690 AD on FTP)
Mjw006 (Rocky2810 on FTP)

so sick sick team, should be a ton of fun, really looking forward to hanging out with these guys, and def. looking forward to us crushing the field.

If anybody is around any of the cities i'm stopping by let me know and i'll def. try to at least say hey.

Other than that Poker has been pretty Meh, I had a sick time in Atlantic City, and got to hang out with a ton of good friends, including Livb112, who ended up winning the event for 900k+, so huge congrats to him on that one. I have a ton of cool stories from that trip, but im gonna have to save it for a different blog. Online poker went pretty Meh last month, and this month im running 10k below EV and also down 6-7k from buying action, which is really brutal, i'll post graphs later, but nobody really cares about my whining, so onto some pictures of the house :).

Anyways, it's nothing sick baller like BCM / xSCWx / or QiHu00's houses, but it's a nice starter house for me and the wife and i'm super pumped to have bought any house. Really really happy w/the decision. Nothing is in there now obv, but ordering all the appliances and furniture and what not while we're in Europe so hopefully it will all be there when I get back from Europe (around Dec. 1st).

Anyways, info on the house:

Bought for $185,000
1950 Square feet
2.01 acres
was an older house here, just got torn down and redone 100%
Sprayfoam insulation (good stuff, should make the house pretty energy efficient, my uncle runs a sprayfoam insulation business and I guess it's baller)
Radiant heating in kitchen / dining room floors, which is sweet as well
(In pics house isnt 100% done, i'll post more once furnished :p)

anyways, here is a tonnn of pics ;p



Living Room:

Random Half Bath / Laundry:


Up to bedrooms / Bathroom:

Bedrooms 1 / 2:

Office / Bedroom 3:


kenk_ said...

Sick, man!

RoccoPa said...

It's unfucking sick how much less houses cost there.

This one here in Italy would cost at LAST 400k.

In a bad place.
With some works to do.

WTFFF im so jealous!

Really gg man!

People_Mover said...

sick brag. houses are awesome. :)