Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5500 London HU Tourney

yo guys, have to run pretty quick, but wanted to give an update:

Only 42 players, so that was dissapointing, and a SICK hard field, players in this small field include:

Myself, The Camel, DiBasio, Dario Minieri, AlfiosNob, Sorel Mizzi (Zangbezan/Imperium), Roland De woolf, R romanello, and a ton of other FTP pros / english pros, i mean Roland and Romanello arent top HUSNGrs, but I still havent seen a super soft spot all tourney, which is ridiculous.

I got a bye round 1, and beat R Romanello (FTP Pro) in round 2.

Day off today

Play Rivermani on Thursday at 4pm (noon EST)

1 match on Friday (if i'm through)

and the final 4 / Finals on Saturday

So 2 more wins til i'm ITM, 4 more wins to win it all. Payout is something like 25k / 25k / 50k / 100k, so glglglgl me :). Both myself and The Camel are in it, DiBasio busted, and I didnt get to see the end of dario/alfiosnob's matches

I'll keep you updated =]


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