Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crushing / Belgium / Pictures!


So a few updates. It's been a super super sick month so far, I started +12k in first 5-ish days, and have taken a couple days off since then and been traveling all month, and am now currently:


Really hoping the rest of the month goes even remotely this smoothly (obv). I've had one losing day so far, for -227. I'd say this month has been 70% 4-mans, 10% 2-mans, 20% super turbos. I'm up about 4k on super turbos, the majority of the rest through 4mans, and then a few k from 2mans.


Off tomorrow v early in the morning to belgium, going to hang out w/Spamz0r (Mientjeuh) and hopefully learn a bunch, grind a bunch of HU SNGs, and crush his soul in Tekken :).

Then it's offff to the BCOP and the ME and Team HU Event. I have 100% of myself for the Team HU, so it will be by FAR the biggest buyin ive ever played (about 4k) out of my own pocket, hope we shippp!!!!


few random pictures of the place I visited the other day in Switzerland (Grindelwald) and also of the new puppy we just bougth when we were in Hungary (100% english bulldog, champion Male, going to breed him w/my other female who ive posted pics of many many times =] )


FtheG said...

Gl primo :) Belgium is such a nice place! miss living there! Hope you win, like always :D

Tinkerbell said...

Hey, what a sweet little doggy. What's his name? Cool to play live HU in Belgium. Wish you good luck.
Take care

nemo said...

dude you have the sickest life!

PrimordialAA said...

rofl, tyty Nemo, you need to travel w/us next time, we're getting out to cali eventually I promise ;p

@Tinker, His name is Diesel :). The live HU in Belgium was awsome, we finished 3rd though and only top 2 paid, but a super fun event. Hopefully i'll stop being lazy and blog about it soon

rafamtb1 said...

hey bryan im rafamtb1 from full tilt i have one question where can i find my own personal stats graphs like the ones u post in ur blog tx a lot bro gl keep winning

PrimordialAA said...

hey raf,

I look up alot of my own stats at www.sharkscope.com , and also I use a program Hold'em Manager for my own records, but sharkscope should track all of your games so try there first :).