Monday, November 30, 2009

Best Month Ever -- New Record :)

wow... pretty sick month. Alot of stuff has been going on, BOCP HU and ME were sick and I played INSANELY good, incredibly happy with how my live game has been, so couldnt ask for more there. Stuck in France due to some ridiculous laws with the puppy and the lame french government, so wife is back home in states at our new house and im here til Dec. 16th or so =/.

Anyways, online has been ridiculous, I think I set the record for most HU SNGs played in a month (obv largely due to FTP's super turbos).

Profit for the month from playing: $44,140.06
Rakeback from FTP: $7,155
Rake Race (2nd): $2,500
Rakeback from Stars: $1,081.84



Obv super sick, my best month previous to that was +35k, so a big jump, very very happy about it, even though most of it goes to taxes for the year :P.

Some graphs:

FTP Unfiltered (off some cause of 4mans, but not that much cause of FTP's chop feature, which makes it easier to even the score out):

FTP Super Turbos (Remember these are $1/game in rakeback, so adds alot):

Stars (Swings are amplified out of proportion in both directions (upwards and downwards), graph is off for sure though, had a few days SS had me -4k where I was +2k, not sure how much it's off, but it is, although I think my FTP is a bit too high as well considering my monthly profit from playing):

Anyways, not really sure on my goals for next month, just going to take it easy and see how it goes, really can't wait to get back to the states and move into the house :), so hope everything works out here, and hope your all had a great month as well, in both poker and life =].

Also, if anybody is interested, here are my figures for each day of the month, dont think it will be that useful but im sure some people wanting to move up might find a look at the daily swings interesting. Also I took off a few days so there aren't 30 of them ;p:

+3483 38 games
+$1,368.32 53 games
+$1,368.32 53 games
+1778.65 69 games
+1008.66 5 games
-227.01 47 games
+685 17 games
+380 2 games
+$61 319 games (super turbos started)
+799.66 (stopped tracking # games)
+2434 13 normal games & 10 super turbos

(bolded 3 biggest winning days, and italicized all losing days)

23 winning days, 6 losing days

biggest winning day: +10,719.99
biggest losing day: -2866


Qi said...

Congrats on the big month, curious how do you calculate your Stars rakeback? Is it just your FPP's for the month divided by whatever rate the 4k bonus goes for? Or do you assume a percentage?

PrimordialAA said...

I use the conceirge rate, so I take my vpp x 3.5 (multiplier for supernova), and then take that figure and divide it by 31,000 , and multiple that by $500 (31k FPP / $500 is the rate of conceirge, which is how I use most of my FPP)

RoccoPa said...

You are a beast,but everyone knows that.

p.s. yea i use that sistem to calculate RB too,on stars.


PlauZee said...

Wow, nice! Grats dude! Good to see you're doing so well!
Maybe I should try the super-turbos at FTP as well, couldn't imagine there was a lot of money to make so far. But you obv made me thinking about it ;)

Cya & gl!

PrimordialAA said...

haha, I wouldnt reccomend them to anyone really, ive stopped playing them recently, I may play more this month, but the edge is def. decreasing because it's really easy for people to converge on optimal calling/shoving ranges, I mean the game (10bb) is just so simple that there isnt a ton of edge there, I think they were way more profitable when I first played them, but people are improving their ranges and it's hurting the WR alot, i'm not saying their unbeatable yet, but I had planned on playing 500 / day for this entire month, but the way they have been lately I havent even played 1 I dont think, so I wouldnt go too crazy on them, but you can prolly still find an edge

DiBasio said...

awaysome dude, u deserved it big time. Happy for you! seems like u got things under control now! Now u can come to bahama's with mel right ;)

PrimordialAA said...

haha I would lovvveee to, still stuck in europe now though, for 2 more weeks, so bahamas will only be like 2 weeks after I get home, which is wayy too soon, since we still havent moved into our house =/. Next year for SUREEEE though, missing 2 years in a row, especially this yr with so many HU events, kills me inside ;p

Thomas nyland said...

Thats so money printing machinerish.

Keep it up and reward your self with a lamborghini.

Jessica said...

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John said...

Dude, just read ur thread about Robert Andersson and it made me sick to my stomach. Some friends and I have also been scammed by this guy a couple of years ago. Ofcourse not the same scale as u have, but for a couple a kids still in highschool 2-3k dollars is quite a bit. We've all put this behind us ofc, and im glad u have too. Just came across ur thread googling his name after a friend of mine called me up, letting me know that he'll be serving a 8-year sentence for smuggling drugs. Anyway, glad ur doing good. Good stuff happends to good people. Take care / John

John said...
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