Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekly MTT schedule

Hey, I plan on playing a ton of live MTTs this summer, hopefully 20-30 of them when i'm in vegas this summer, most being the Venetian Deep Stack and Caesars Mega Stack series, for $300-500 average buy ins. To prepare a bit i'm adding the Sunday Million to my weekly schedule, as well as continuing to play the $216 HU MTT on Saturday (FTP), the $215 HU MTT on Sunday (Stars), and the $109 Super Turbo HU MTT (Stars). The HU MTTs obv won't help me any, but I plan on just 1 tabling (w/added HU MTT maybe if it's running) when playing the Sunday Million, to get my mind back into thinking deeply about MTT decisions. Anyways, this comes to just about $1300 / week in MTTs, which is pretty signifcant but i'm assumed to be +EV in all of them, so hopefully it works out and take down a decent score one of these times :).

Took a 3rd (KK < AKs for stacks), and 8th (JJ < ATo for stacks) in the nightly $109 HU MTT this week, I feel like I have a really big edge in that tourney, so I can't wait to keep playing it and hopefully crushing it.

Also got a trip to foxwoods planned for later this week, I think Wednesday - Friday/Sat. , so will be playing $2/5 NL cash and maybe some daily MTTs while im down there, going w/some friends from home but would be glad to meet up with anyone while im down there,

Hope you guys are all having a good month,


(oh yea, i'm about +7k w/everything included this month, playing, coaching, FPP, I think im ~+4500-5k from just playing)


People_Mover said...

omgomgomg, vegas time, gotta get through me first to reach final tables imo.


Gugel said...

I'll be in Vegas this summer too for a weekend. Ansky is prolly renting a house and I'm gonna crash there for 4 or 5 days. Mwahahaha.