Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brief Update -- March Results / April Goals

Hey guys, sorry ive been slow with posting, as always, life has been pretty busy, march went OK, but still not as well as i'd liked it to have:


however a large % of this came from coaching, rakeback, staking, etc., so next month i'd like to work on having 6-10k profits just from poker, and the rest of the stuff as a bonus, so im a bit dissapointed with my poker results this month.

anyways, goals next month:

+10k or more
dont force volume, just play solid
get everything ready and booked for vegas
enjoy/relax a bit more

also hopefully big news to come in my life later this month

Vegas House stuff so far, we got the house, and a possible chef so far, my roomates will be:

NemoInDenial, JSnipes(Pez_Vela), Skilled_Sox, and ShortSharpShock , seems like it's gonna be great, here are a few pics of the house:


Las Vegas Mexican Hacienda Vacation Retreat

* Property type: Villa, 5300 sq. ft.
* Location type: resort
* Bedrooms: 6 Bedrooms, Sleeps 19
* Bathrooms: 6 Bathrooms
* Highlights: resort, swimming pool, air-conditioning, washing machine

Our property is very large and offers many outside recreational items for your pleasure. It is 1.4 acres surrounded by a 10 foot high security fence.

The Volley Ball Court...
A view from one of the upstairs bedrooms give a great view of our beach sand volleyball court. Regulation size with an extra 10-15 feet of extra running room on all sides. Included at court side is a cold shower plus a water hose to soak the court when the sand is too hot...Enjoy beach volleyball in Las Vegas...
Notice the running track.

The Putting Green...Ready for play and challenging!!!

Over 8000 square foot of professional putting surface for your pitch and putt enjoyment. We have 3 unique holes and an unlimited amount of entry points to provide a level of practice for your short game that you have never experienced before...and a huge sand trap. In our coarse the ball only goes into the sand trap, if you want it to for your practice.

The Running Track...Best to run this 1/8+ mile at night(lighted). Shown around the volleyball court and also zig zags through out the property.

Get your workout using our 1/8 of a mile running track. It winds in an out of the property but always behind the security gates...soooo no dogs will be chasing you. The surface is varied and we have a few stretching appliances for your use during your run. You can even pick some fruit when in season during your jog.

And...Our lastest addition...Our heated swimming pool

The other house we were comparing it to was this one, but it only had 5 bedrooms and we needed a guest bedroom so we ended up passing ;p:


* Property type: House, 8762 sq. ft.
* Bedrooms: 5 Bedrooms, Sleeps 12
* Bathrooms: 4 Bathrooms, 1 Half Bath
* Highlights: swimming pool, air-conditioning, washing machine, internet access, tennis

Anyways guys, I hope you all had a fantastic month, and Good luck in April, I hope to meet a bunch of you in vegas! :)



People_Mover said...

omg def. visiting when im there

RoccoPa said...

OMFG i'm definetely soooo jelous!!!

This are the type of things that make people loves poker and make me sad i don't make 200k/year.

How much for the second house?

PrimordialAA said...

the second house is $9,500 for the month, so if you had 4 other guys all having their own bedroom and the house (8,700 square feet is HUGEEEEEEEEEEE), it would be like $1900 per person or so

ChicagoRy said...

Way to mention the new site you are a part of!

PrimordialAA said...

oops, true dat yo, ill do that next post obv :)

Gugel said...

haha, i stayed at house #1 when i was in vegas last year. was a coincidence. it was awesome!

Wingpin said...

Looks like a pimp palace fo sho...gonna be a memorable summer!!

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