Saturday, February 28, 2009

Y.T.D. update / Febuary Recap

Hey guys, sorry I havent been updating that much so I figured i'd give you guys all an update:

Janary: Jan. was really dissapointing, I was up like 9-10k and went on a big downswing at the end of it, and ended ~+$1500 or so for a final

February: Feb. has treated me a bit better, still not as well as i'd like but def. a solid month overall

Poker (2mans / 4mans): +4,367
Coaching: +2,220
FPP/Bonuses: +1,693
Staking: ~ +1,000


In other news, i've been SUPER motivated recently, I just got off a 10 day vacation in Florida with my gf and family and am really pumped to start saving to buy a house as I saw some awsome real estate down there, and I may actually be making an investment purchase w/my older sister down there, so that would be really awsome. I bought my GF a car ( 2002 Audi A4 Quatro ), but we haven't really had a chance to use it much as we left right away for vacation. Other than that you guys may have seen me at 110s for a bit, I dropped until I made 20 BI and got some confidence back, i've achieved this and so should be back around a mix of 110s/220s. And other than that i've been receiving a TON of super good feedback by theSNGacademy members, both on 2p2 and on the forums there, and it's really nice to hear that my videos are helping people out and people are appreciating it alot.

Anyways guys, I hope you all have had a great start to the year, mine has been a bit disappointing and I put myself in a real struggle if i'm still try to get to SNE, but I can't really complain about make 11k over 2 months, when I feel I havent been playing my best and have been running poorly overall, Best of luck,



bartchalker said...

Damn dude, I was wondering if I'd ever see u enter on ur blog again!! I'm glad to see Feb was a solid month for u, and GL with March. Although ur results aren't quite where u expected ur def right that 11k in 2 months is still pretty damn good.

And how bout updatin this MF'n blog a little more often!

Radeh said...

Yeah, was wondering about updates as well ;)

Nice videos!!