Friday, January 16, 2009

Mid Month Update

Hey guys, just makin a quick update, it's been kinda a crazy month so far this month, my monthly graph looks like this:

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It looks a little bit ridiculous, but my sharkscope was off by 11k at one point in the month, which is completely insane. anyways, it's currently off 3406 (too low), which puts my monthly profit at $4538 , add $1715 worth of FPP (just over 30k VPP), puts me at $6253, but im down a bit cause of cash, so i'd say im about +5400 this month overall. I've cashed out 5k and moved my spread of games back up a bit to include 220s/300s/330s , and still playing all limits of 4mans. Ive gotten alot of confidence back and I think I should definently be able to hit my goal of 10k this month.

Other plans for the month, I fly out to France on the 22nd (Thursday), and meet my girlfriend, who im bringing back on the 30th. So obviously not so pumped to be traveling again, but realllyyyy pumped to finally have her over here. Also planning a 1-2 week vacation with all my family in Orlando at the end of the month, should be 10 of us total going (parents, 4 of us children, + 4 gfs/bfs/wives). Gonna just hang out, relax around Disney, and meet up with People_Mover from 2p2, so looking forward to alot of stuff coming up. Anyways, will give a more detailed update at the end of the month, hope 2009 has start off right for all of you, Good luck,


Jan: +$5400


HokieGreg said...

haircut trip report???

PrimordialAA said...

hahaha DIAGF ;p, maybe i'll give some before and after pics later ;p