Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Losing Month / 2009 goals

Hey guys, So let me start off with the bad, I had my first losing month ever, or since I started playing full time at least, and the sad part is I had a positive ROI on both sites.

I took a TON of shots this month, I played alot of 1100s on my own, played a bunch of 2200s w/ 50% of my action, and also had one day where I was -14k between 1100s/550s, but most of that was me going 14-34 that day in 550s on FTP for like -12.5k, just a really sick month and I feel like I played super mediocre and ran terrrrible every time I was playing higher limit games, but oh well; Live and Learn I guess.

Anyways it was a big eye opener, and helped me get super motivated for the upcoming year, as did my trip to Atlantic City w/hokie. So below are my results

Pokerstars: 741 games, 1% ROI, -4,196 , SS is $6,552 too high
FTP: 315 games, 1% ROI, -8,329 , SS is $5, 806 too low

Month: Stars: -$4,196
FTP: -$8,329
Cash: +$1,835
Satts: -$262
Sports: -$1,460
FPP: +$2,534
Bonus: +4,000
SS off: -$746
AC trip:-$1,000


As for the new year, I am unbelievably excited about 2009, it's really insane to look back and see how far I (we as poker players) have grown this year, it's really almost surreal to look at. I hope 2009 brings me the same success that 2008 did, and I hope to establish my permanence in the Professional Poker field.

Poker Goals:

Make $120,000 from playing ($10,000 / month , not including bonuses)

Be playing (and rolled for) $550s/1100s consistently by the end of 2009

Make $175,000 in 2009 (including bonuses)

Win a package to at LEAST one big live MTT

Don't focus too much on making SNE, just play my best when im feeling good and if I end up on pace for SNE, so be it, if I don't make it, don't stress about it

Personal Goals:

Be less insane about poker, take more days off, relax and enjoy time with people more, just focus on playing great when I play, but don't obsess about volume

Try to pick up tennis or something else like it to keep me active / healthy in the coming year

Start to invest money or at least begin to set aside substantial money for a house

Get myself and gf cars

Hang out / meet up with hokie a few more times, that trip was the nuts and he always wants to go diff. places, so it'll get me out and doing stuff


John said...

Yo Primo - I'm "The Lion" on ftp, we use to battle alot at the $88 hu. Glad to see you have moved up. Do you have aim? If so aim me at bowser1324. Holla

bighusla said...

1 Losing month doesnt mean anything your a sick hu player variance is just a bitch lol. Dont forget that you had a sick $30,000+!!! month just a few weeks ago lol

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PrimordialAA said...

wtf... is your name a huge level peter?

ChicagoRy said...

Lol, that comment was funny.

I do attest to, I'm listed on that site and if you regularly manually update (regular auto updates only work if your blog is on their site I think) you'll see an increase in traffic.

I also realize I need to never complain about variance again. I have hardly even played as many 220s career as you played in this down month, your volume (and others like skilled, psimalive, bcm, etc.) is sick. Nice job.