Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Prop-bet-a-ments

forgot to post this earlier :), happening today

Hey guys, I had a pretty huge downswing this month, but am slowly recovering and will most likely break even or turn a small profit this month. I had a single day that was -14k and that kinda set the tone for some other parts of the month ;p, but it's going well overall and it's not like anything has changed, I just need to wait a bit longer before taking shots at 1100s/2200s :).

Below is a propbet im doing with a friend, I posted it on 2p2 but thought I should also post it here:

Sick, christmas prop-bet-a-ments

I'm doing a 6 game prop bet w/a friend before he heads back to Germany, the events are as follows:

Event #1


he starts out 1600-1400, we 1 table turbos, best out of 5

Event #2


he gets 3 balls off the table on each rack, best out of 5

Event #3

Ping Pong

I get 5 points, best out of 5

Event #4


I get 4 games / set , must win by 2 games (6-5 is not a win) , we play best of 3 sets

Event #5


I get 12.5 pins, best out of 3 strings

Event #6

Rock Paper Scissors

9 throws = 1 game, best of 5 games


6-0: $1000
5-1: $600
4-2: $250
3-3: chop

fwiw he is a poker player as well, pretty solid at HU SNG (Paranoia87 on stars) , doesnt play much anymore but def. doesnt deserve much more of an edge in HU SNG, he CRUSHES me in tennis, and gave me 2:1 odds that I wouldnt win a single game vs him, and I didnt, even though we played 4 sets lol. I even had 40-love on my own serve and blew it =/

should be alot of fun, prolly gonna do it the morning of christmas Eve, goooo me, run good at HU and RPS 1 timeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)


bighusla said...

Nice downswing recovery. Good Luck with the propbet

bpmst2 said...

Just throw him an avalache.. all rocks