Friday, October 31, 2008

October Recap -- meh

meh, im sure most have you have heard about my story and all the chaos that happened, whatever, post is here if you havent:

anyways, on to better things, October recapped:

played 626 games despite only playing like 1/3 of the month, maybe got in 12 or 14 days or something:

2-4 man stats:

626 $29 $287 7% $18,448

2man stats:

549 $31 $281 7% $17,243

The sad part... my sharkscope is off +10,605 (too high) so that means I got RAPEDDDDDDDDD in 4mans this month, where if I stuck to 2mans only i'd have 17k profit (little less cause of selling action, prolly close to 14k) I ended with like $8.5k or so, this is just insanely brutal and makes me mad to look at it :-p.

but despite that, im insanely confident lately, my SS stats for 2 mans for the <3 months are this:

1,497 $25 $270 7% $36,822

which for a $270 average stake, means i've been crushing pretty hard, so im excited about that.

Profit from playing: $7,843
Profit from FPP: $2,283
total profit: $10,126

but I cashed out 1k and 3k of it was from the first day of the month (which means it got stolen), right now I have a 5k loan and a little over 5k of my own in stars from playing.

November Goals:

have a HUGE month (15k+ from playing)
Dont lose $ in 4-mans :(
pay down $2k on each credit card
put in 800-1k+ games
Figure out if im going back to the states or not, for certain

gl all in November, hope everyone has a great month :)


Thomas nyland said...

sick storry at 2+2.
Seems like you got pot commited there when you kept giving him money in hope to win back the whole pot in the end (or even more).
I also think its very easy to become deceived and charmed of the whole highroller casino thing there. I mean, I bet it was a whole lot of fun and excitement there as well. But after he hacked your email and stars account I understand it was pretty much a nightmare.

Its obvious that andresson has mental problems, probably some kind of personality disorder.

I doubt you will get "1 single kroner back" but of course I hope you do.
How are you and your gf doing now after this?

Raj said...

hey bud...thanks for the compliments. its been a long road for me. hopefully next year, ill pick up the pace a bit. more really sorry to hear about your situation. im sure you replayed the events over and over in your head tortuously, but thankfully, its over.

it will be very difficult to recover any of the money...but one thing you could do is to increase your volume for a certain amount of time. set up a vpp goal for this year (i know its so late) or next year. increase that number by 1000ish games(about what it would take to make back 22k playing 330's), and in essence you will not have lost anything.

pino said...

hi, I really need to talk to you for some thinghs of mine related to the pettinho matter.
please add me on facebook (agostino rusconi( or msn .

Jennie said...

I heard what happened with Robert and the money. I couln´t believe it! it´s so sick!! My boyfriend is a pokerplayer as well, and he has been in the same situation as you. I was so angry when I heard your story! I really hope you will get your money back.

Hopefully he will get what he deserves. I wish you all the luck!!


bighusla said...

Yea I wanted to add you, greg, Thomas, Jia's.... links to my blog because I read em all the time but I do not know how to (ima noob) can you please explain to me how?