Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rake-Crunch / Lock Poker - Launch / Promotion

Hey guys, I know a few of you know, but i'm officially announcing the launch of my new affilliate site . Site still isn't perfect, but it's to the point where we're excited to launch it and get on with giving out rewards and launching some cool promotions.

So anyways, on to the promotion details. For next month (August) we're going to be offering the following promotion on Lock Poker.

Highest Raker in August: 30" Monitor (Dell U3011 30" Monitor), or $1,000 cash.

Two Random WInners: Apple's new Ipad 2 (2) or $500 cash

[new sign ups only, all who rake over $500 in August are entered into the raffle]

Four Random Winners: One Hour of coaching with PrimordialAA (2) , One hour of coaching with Pistons87 (2) or $150 cash per hour of coaching

[anyone who rakes over $250 is entered into the raffle]

Feedback always appreciated, still a really new site, working out alot of bugs, implementing some of the features, polishing, etc., but hope you all enjoy it, and the promos to come :).

If you have any questions or need help w/anything, don't hesitate to get in touch w/me at

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