Friday, March 12, 2010

Costa Rica - Day 1

So, a TON of pictures, prolly excessively slow, but this is all the stuff we did on our first day here

[People in the picture are myself, wife (Mel), sister (pregnant if you cant notice from pictures), and her fiance, who has been around our family for like 8-10 yrs, so really close w/him/them]

Walk down the beach and get some fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh tropical fruit, and omletes for breakfast :)

Play some pool after breakfast before we head out

Walk the beach for an hour after breakfast

Pass our house along the way :-p

Get back to the house and chill for a bit

Bust open a coconut for a snack/drink :-p

Some Random guys carrying compost, on our way for a horse ride

Horse riding time!

Our guide... spoke spanish only, he was the man! :) :-p

Finish off with some Costa Rican dinner and foosball :)

Tomorrow we're doing 8 hours out on a fishing boat, to catch these:

Sailfish, blue marlin, dorado, rooster fish, tuna and wahoo, some pics below:


Newff said...

OMG Primo you have to post pics of monster fish tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

So nice!
Enjoy ur time buddy, hope to see even more great photos of ur trip.

All the best,

Emil said...

Hi, nice blog! I just read on a forum about you beeing scammed by a guy name Robert a few years ago. I'm just curious, how did it all turn out? Did you get your money back? What happened to Robert? Best wishes /Emil from Sweden

Thomas nyland said...

When are you gonna get a real job.

I'd like to see you do doing some sort of a shop assistent job, or a cleaning job or someting. Grow up man.

Haha, just joking.


Riot girl said...

Hi, i would just want to talk to you about Robert, i had a stange relation to him. Really nice if youo could take time, Add my msn?

justnutsbaby said...

Im full of jelous becouse of the views and tons of fishes there !
Nice blog dude, just found it out.